Mobile Communications

The use of labour mobility and wireless communications can help organizations move forward in a new economy. Security was announced as a key issue when it comes to business mobilization. WLANs are already implemented in many organizations, some limited to parts of the network, others to the entire network. The proliferation of Wi-Fi networks is

The resin floor has significant pluses: it has a high mechanical resistance, it is ideal for high-traffic surfaces and a material that does not allow itself to be scratched even by the action of chemical agents that could ruin any flooring. The positive characteristics related to resin floors are numerous and the decalogue certainly does

Golf Operation is responsible for managing the day-to-day golf. Club experience includes the food and beverage management and performance of the golf shop and applicable department operations and services to assure high standards and satisfied customers team leaders with strong guest-centric business and organizational skills along with a passion for the game of golf develop